Fun Ideas For Hat Collections

Fun Ideas For Hat CollectionsThe Hat Tree is a great way to collect hats. This may be a new idea for you, but if you've ever been to a hair salon, you know how much people love hats. And what's even better, is that each person can have their own special hat collection. Think of it this way: A person (or family member) comes into your hair salon with a special outfit in mind. You give them the hat that they love and allow them to take it home with them in a nice basket or box. That is called a "cap." Read this post for more about ponytail hats.

Hat boxes and baskets are very popular for wedding, formal, and graduate parties. You can give each guest their own hat upon their arrival at the party and allow them to keep it until the evening is over. Then, you will gather up all of the hats and store them in a cap storage cabinet. Each guest can choose which hat they want to wear, and you never have to worry about whether or not they will like it. All they have to do is bring it out of the cabinet when they arrive.
Another great way to collect hats is to have a special event such as a birthday party, wedding, or bridal shower come around and you need to dress up the bridesmaids in different styles. First, have each girl wears a hat that matches the style of the bridesmaid dress that they are wearing. Then, have each girl take her top off and roll up the brim a bit so that they are all sporting the same style of hat. After the bridesmaid dresses are all put together, you can all have the bridesmaids each wear a crown or hat that matches that of the bride or groom. Get the best girls pony hats here: .

Perhaps your child has just been awarded a crown. Instead of just letting it sit around the house, you can have the kids all wear crowns. They can roll the brim back so that it matches the crown, or they can simply wear it on their head. Either way, you will love how easy it is to decorate a home with a unique crown and hat collection.
Another idea is to have each person in a family that is a part of the bridal party wear a felt hat. To make it even more fun, have the girls all wear the same color of felt. Then, once everyone is in their new outfits, you can each take one of the felt hats and slowly turn it back and forth. The bridesmaids will be totally impressed at how easy it is to turn the crown into an outfit that fits each individual person. You can easily get several crowns that match and then turn them back into an outfit for each individual in the group.

If your budget is running low, there are also a few ways to have fun with a cap worn collection. Have each attendant wear a felt hat that they all agree fits them perfectly. You can then take all of the caps and arrange them on top of a table. Then, when everyone has taken their turn at rotating the crown, have everyone pay for what they have to wear by swapping the hats with one another. Explore more on this subject by clicking here: